Our story begins in the late 1980s...

...with a nearly life-long friendship between two girls who met on the first day of seventh grade.  Laura Kalur and Heidi Brueggeman attended The Andrews School just east of Cleveland, Ohio.  Decades of "life" had taken them to opposite coasts, and seemingly opposite careers. 
 Enjoying our idyllic coastal town, Beaufort South Carolina LA PLAGELaura became a medical malpractice attorney in Portland, Oregon.  Heidi settled in Newport, Rhode Island and started designing a line of jewelry called "Sugar".  Fate stepped in with twists and turns, generosity and faith, trust and creativity - and a little jaunt to India.  Our present place in the recipe finds two best friends living in the same coastal town, Beaufort, South Carolina, launching a clothing line.  

The name "LA PLAGE" simply comes from Heidi and Laura's love of the beach.  The beach is the one place where we are allowed to indulge, relax, meditate, bathe in saltwater - live fearlessly and beautifully! Consider all of the beauty the beach brings to us: tides, shells and coral, sunrises and sunsets, moon rises, memories and gratitude.  Ask yourself: where is your beach?  Your place to breathe? 

Thank you for joining us on our journey to share LA PLAGE.  We hope you enjoy and appreciate the effortless beauty and easy elegance of our garments. Take the time to enjoy the simple beauty in life.  

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Laura Kalur, Managing Partner & Legal Counsel

Heidi Brueggeman, Partner & Creative Director